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Quick update...
Ahh! Real Monsters
I love you just the way you are as well
And you offer love
A new beginning...
I'm getting there...
6 days and counting...
Missie's off the market...
Did you get your tickets to the show?
Tell me why, haven't I, heard from you?
Blue skies are gonna clear up...
The View From Heaven
How to make a Missie
My life as a jello mold~
I'm back!
Wow, an update!
Oh God, what am I doing?
Wear Sunscreen
May I have your attention PLEASE?!?
Another try, another let down
Update #8592962
So this is Easter~
Hard Fucking?
A boy named Vaughn
A very sad day
I'm short but I'm happy...
Ha- I'm Mexico. Arrreeeeba.... ;)
Misunderstood again?
What part of our history's reinvented and under rug swept
PWS kicks ass....
You blockhead!
PInk eye, shmink eye...
Donít let the bedbugs bite.
Typed this at work:
The Opposite Of War Isn't Peace, It's Creation!
Quizes For Everyone!
Love is as love does
Pics, meetings, B
Evita Lyrics I liked....
In honor of Valentine's Day~
Letter to Rob
New ideas for the diary
Dear Rob, Love, Miss
Sick is as sick does
Nuns have all the fun
When you lie next to me... Breath in the air I breath...
Shower, breakfast, bass pro...
Aaron's and Sharon's for Dinner :)
Aaron's and Sharon's for Dinner :)
I think I've been bitten
Please go away
You think you know me...?
Update #563147
Old shit I found funny because it's still the same shit, different people:
Quick Update # 5869135
Showers, Bowls and 3 on a plate:
Shake it, Shake, Shake it... Oooh!
This is me... now.
Freedom of Speech, Y'all!
se87girl: she's too much drama for yo mama!
Sammy Samm Sammiches
Stop pretending you care
Boys need to come with instruction booklets
..::i'm going under::..
Allo... Allo?
What am I doing?
Did I shave my legs for this?
Wanna play house?
What it ISN'T
Shake what your momma gave ya
Tom and Me
Random Misc. Writings That Aren't That good
Tim McGraw, My Best Friend
Highs and Lows this week
Yet again, my life catches up to me...
Tom, Mark and .... Rich? (no Trav??)
I don't want to talk about my flair...