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Tuesday, Aug. 19, 2003 at 12:36 PM

My name is Melissa. I'm 21. I love to write, and I am very honest when I write in my diary. I write about day to day activities, life, love, sex, drugs, friends, family, work, school, death, life, pain, sadness, joy and happiness. I have no rhyme or reason to my ramblings, but they are mine, nonetheless. Thank you for reading my diary. If you found me other than having me on your favorites, drop me a note or sign my guestbook. I am always looking for new diaries to read and it's nice to know that I'm loved. If you sign my guestbook or leave me a note, I will add you to my favorites. Thanks again and read on.

This is a list of who appears in my diary. If your name is mentioned, I will add you on here. If you don't want to be on here- tough- stay out of my life... But if you are on here, and you are mentioned frequenly- it means I love you and "That, is a good thing".

Also, as a side note- I'm single, so I date a lot. I am not adding guys that I date onto this site because a: I really don't update this page enough and b: I date a lot of guys. I may add Rich, Rick and Tom because they are mentioned a lot. But other than that, if I'm going on dates with someone, they'll be mentioned only in my posts until it gets serious.

The names are in alphabetical order as to not play favorites- and I do have my favorites- and you know who you are, you sexy bitches.

Aaron- 21- my first friend ever in the world. Awesome guy. Married to Sharon. AKA: Hamburger Head

Amy- 23- I met Ames 2 years ago. We were both dating friends at the time and became friends. Then we broke up with the boys and stayed friends. We are no longer friends. AKA-Ames, Amy Leanne, Amers And definatly NOT Amos...

Benny- Timís brother, dating Crystal, we all watch NASCAR together. Owns a sammich shop. AKA- Ben

Bob- 26- Sharon's boyfriend. Fixed my car once. Nice enough guy. Has random personals and hot or not 'meet me' profiles which really makes me not trust him. Also has weird quirks that make me think he's playing Sharon. AKA: That Bob-boy (NOT BOB MY BLIND GUY)

Bryan- 25. He's way cute- but above and beyond all that he's a good kid. He graduated from UW-M with a degree in Fine Arts- Emphasis on Sculpture- We have been friends for a bit- and when once, I thought that I liked him more than that- I pushed it aside because I don't want to ruin the friendship we have. AKA- Bryan, Bry

Crystal- Bennyís girlfriend. AKA- Benís girlfriend. LOL

Frankie- 21, goes to school in Lansing, MI. Going to be an awesome chef some day. We were close, and dated for a day or two, but I didnít know what I wanted, and I hurt him. And Iím sorry for that. But he is happy now, and the two of us really never would have worked out anyways because we are better off friends. A great guy to have in your corner. AKA- Frank, Frankie Bonez

Gabe- Oh Gabe. Gabe is definitely a tool. Thatís also his favorite band- he turned me on to it. Gabe is one of my best friends. We have known each other for years and met through my ex Tim. Very smart, wonderful, caring person. We have had the most confusing/deep conversations. And I love it. Member of PWS AKA: Gabriel, Gabo, Gabes

Jeff- 21- one of my best friends, I have known him since 7th grade. He is a rock- heís great at problem solving and is one of the funniest people I know. Comm. Major- smart, fun and has the best credit out of anyone I know. Loves monkeys and is dating Josh. AKA: Jeffy, JJR, JeffRey

Jens- 22, been friends forever. Well, since 10th grade. His name is pronounced ĖYentz, but I say Yens. We have both been through a lot together. He was my best friend for a while, but then he started dating Rachel, and we grew apart. He is no longer with her, but he went to Germany for a while so weíre just now getting back into the groove of friendship again. Really big into photography. Helped me out a lot during the hardest times in my life. AKA- Jens or Dork.

Jill- 20, awesome girl. First girl I ever kissed, and we were drunk. Well, she was. Life changing kiss because it was with Jill that I realized I am bisexual. I worked with her at Zap! Arcade. AKA- Bradley, Jillian

Jon- 20, an ex of mine. We're still close. I broke up with him and then he started dating my best friend. But it was high school. And it took me about 2 years to completely get over it. But I am. And Jon and I are still close, but I don't ever talk to his girlfriend. I kinda think she's a bitch. But I avoid her. But then again, if I saw her, I'd give her a chance and I'd talk to her.

Josh- 20- one of my best friends, neither one of us knows how long weíve known each other, but itís been forever. We worked at Apple Holler together back in the day. Dating Jeff. Josh is the one person I can talk to when I donít want to be around anyone. We have so much in common and have gone through a lot of shit together. AKA: JoshÖ and thatís really it. Oh, and itty- but only Jeff calls him that. And no, he is not itty, not that I would know, but he is not. OH GOD! Iím shutting up now.

Kate- 21- We've been friends since 10th grade English. We've had our share of fights and fun. Best person to watch Blair Witch with. AKA: Kate, Katherine Anne, Brain (Iím Pinky)

Mary Jo- 21- one of my best friends, I have known her since 9th grade and we have been through everything together. Psych. Major- one of the smartest, kindest, most selfless people I know. We still get sick of each other sporadically, but itís all good. Has the best advice and keeps me grounded. AKA: MJ, Marjo, Mary

Matt- 21- my ex-boyfriend. Still a close friend of mine. Goofy, SMART (pretends heís not), fun, funny and always the life of the party. Member of PWS AKA: Matty, Bass4Penguins

Mike- 24- where do I start? Mike is my ex- boyfriend. He doesnít like all this info about him all up here, and I know heíll tickle me to death if I do put it up here, so I wonít. We started dating on August 11th, 4 days after my birthday, 4 years from the date I got my license. We're friends now. Great guy and very smart/sexy/fun to be around. AKA: Mikey, Michael

Marisa- 18- My baby. I love this girl. She's awesome. Very smart, funny and extrememly sexy. We have a great friendship/attraction thing goin' on. AKA: Sexy, Baby

Paula- my boss at Stride Rite. A second mom to me. I love her to death. She's helped me out so much in my life- in every aspect. This is the kind of person that really gives you faith in things. She has helped me to be more confident- I went for the job I have now because of her. I owe her many thanks. AKA: "You're so far ahead of me, you're yesterday"

Penguins With Shotguns- Consists of Sean-20- singer, Matt (see above) bass, Miguel-20- drums, Steve-19- Guitar, Gabe (see above) guitar.

Rachel- 21, I believe. Her and I are not close. She dated Tim after I did. Sheís now dating Frankie after I did. Itís weird. But her and Frankie are made for each other and I am so happy for those two. Goes to school in LaCrosse. AKA- Rach.

Rob- 23- my ex-boyfriend who I dated for over a year. First person I ever really, truly loved. Still close. In the Army- in Afganastan right now. Seems to come back in my life at the times when I am needing a change. Was a big issue at first for me and Scott. I miss him a lot (as friends), but don't write about it too much.

Scott- 22- my ex-boyfriend. Dated him for a year and a few months. Weíre still ďcloseĒ but donít talk as much. Nice guy. Donít know what else to say. AKA: Scott, Scooter, Scottie (hates that)

Sharon- 21- one of my best friends. I have known her for 5 years. Lived with her for 2 weeks in college. We have been through hell and back together. Dating Bob, who she is spending a lot of time with, but is getting better. AKA: Wierdo, Shar

Sharon Wesle- 21- marrying Aaron. Very thoughtful, sweet, nice, funny and smart. Going to be a nurse, and a great one at that. AKA: Sharron :)

Steve- Guitar in PWS. One of my closest friends. We have this weird friendship that stays strong through quite a bit of shit that has gone down. Dated Veronica for a long time. (2 years) and now that they are not together, we are closer. Band practice is at Steve's dad's house. AKA: Steve-O

Tiffany- 21. One of Mattís friends. Liked Matt for a long time, was a big strain on our relationship, when Matt and I were together. Don't talk to her anymore, but she's a cool gal now. AKA- Tiff

Tim- 21- ex-boyfriend from high school/just after high school. First person I had sex with. Asshole. Emotionally screwed me up big time- took my a year and a half and a few weird relationships (Matt) to get over it all. Is in the Army reserves and thinks heís a hero. Pisses a lot of people off. Very, very mean when he drinks. AKA: Prick, Jerk, Asshole, Timmy, Timothy

Veronica- Dated Steve for 2 years. We are still the process of figuring out where we stand with one another. I like her, yet she's been doing some pretty shitty stuff lately that has offended a lot of us. Moderator on PWS site. Has fixed it up a lot. AKA: V, Ver, Yoko

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